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International Multi-case
Study Competition
The submission period is over. If you are late with your submission, but consider your work worthy of the award of $ 10,000, you can write to orgcom@securitynextgen.com with the reason why you were late, the organizers will contact you.
Pick up one of the cases:
The Secure browser
Develop a secure browser based on VM technologies
Open case
Customer data protection in public clouds
Offer a solution for secure data storage in the cloud
Open case
Login authorization control
Develop a system of logging, event monitoring and user verification
Open case
The system for detection of Internet external communication channels
Develop an algorithm, software module and the architecture for an information system capable of searching for unauthorized Internet communication channels on corporate hosts connected to a corporate data network.
Open case
Intrusion detection based on data mining
Compile a list of indicators of network traffic anomalies, and develop an algorithm of intelligent data analysis, develop architecture and a proof-of-concept of an intrusion detection system
Open case
Information security feed system
Develop software capable of online aggregation and analysis of different topics regarding information security from social media.
Open case
Prevention of industrial espionage
Develop a solution to protect the jewelry enterprises from the loss of confidential information through technical channels
Open case
Kaspersky interactive protection simulation – Healthcare scenario
Develop a Gameboard and describe a scenario from the field of healthcare for Kaspersky interactive protection simulation
Open case
Kaspersky cyber safety management game – Healthcare | Bank | Retail scenario
Develop a scenario for Kaspersky cyber safety management game with real examples of incidents in the field of information security
Open case
of the competition:
October, 5
of the competition platform
until November,1
submission of cases
November, 8
of finalists
December, 5-6
International finals
Dates : December, 5-6, 2017
Venue : Prague, Hotel NH Prague City (details)

Everyone who will pass to the finals will go to Prague at our expense!

We are sure that in Prague the finalists of the contest will not only compete for the main prize but will also find new friends and like-minded people!

Prize fund
First Prize:
a grant of $ 10 000
Second Prize:
a trip to Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit
Third Prize:
a trip to a cybersecurity conference
Special prizes
from contest partners
Contest partners: